Thursday, September 4

Self Powered Jungle Eco City In Costa Rica

Cool and spacious cave-like condo dwellings are dug out of the hillside overlooking the ocean to create a city in the jungle, reflecting an optimistic vision of the future that combines sustainable design and a healthy quality of life.

Each of the 16 Green House residences includes its own individually titled, free-hold lot ranging from 1,500 sq meters to over half acre, in a nation that does not require a passport for Americans to visit.

Alouatta is sited in gorgeous Costa Rica, which is itself a visionary leader with many world heritage sites and a high percentage of land that has been set aside in protected areas to nurture its enormous biodiversity.

Alouetta's ward-winning architects have engineered a city of unique freehold residences and bio-climate condo clusters within the jungle where residents and visitors can live, work and play, demonstrating that a community can be both beautiful and sustainable in the midst of large tracts of native vegetation that connect and create riparian protection areas.

Much of the power will be generated on-site. In addition, the dramatic design utilizes both natural light and innovative strategies to conserve power and thermal energy. They have applied for LEED certification for their innovative site development including water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental air quality. Integrated water conservation measures are integrated throughout.

Additionally, by concentrating eco tourists within this small-footprint settlement, Alouetta offers many benefits to the local community: providing financing and housing volunteers for local conservation efforts, promoting environmentalism and conservation, serving as economic justification for wildlife and habitat preservation, and supplying local peoples with viable land-friendly economic alternatives to logging and farming.