Tuesday, August 19

You (Yes, You!) Lobby Washington For Gas-Guzzlers

PhotobucketIf you pay your dues to AAA, that is.

Part of that money has gone to pay high priced lobbyists to work against your best interests, and advocate for lower gas mileage...

Here's how AAA has been lobbying against your clean green future, according toHarpers:

"A frequent target of the group's Washington office has been federal environmental laws. In 1999, AAA opposed new rules that required cleaner-burning exhaust systems for cars, trucks, and SUVs, and two years prior assailed an EPA proposal requiring states to reduce levels of smog and soot.

In 1990, AAA even fought the strengthening of the Clean Air Act - a measure supported by three fourths of Americans - on the grounds that it would limit the "personal mobility" of motorists."

But you could stop this lobbying that you do for a filthy world. You could instead get your roadside assistance from a green startup that is competing against AAA, and they will spend your dues on all the goodies of AAA like roadside assistance and none of the baddies like opposing the Clean Air Act.

And in fairness to AAA, let's look at this lobbying in a historical perspective.

The American Automobile Association was originally created in 1901 by 1,000 auto enthusiasts demanding a response to the lack of highways suitable for for the marvellous new driving machines of the day.

Now we see some changes are needed to design a sustainable world, but back then, this was progressive thinking. And AAA does do valuable work in providing research and much data related to driving and the automobile.

Furthermore, State AA's can certainly be greener as the California State AA showed in partnering with CalCars in the Greenlight Initiative last year.

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