Friday, August 22

Convert Your Car To Flex-Fuel

Like many of us, I've long suspected that converting a car to flex-fuel is probably not too dificult. Otherwise why else was all of Detroit jumping on flex-fuel to meet legislative requirements, rather than retooling to swap out the 100 year old internal combustion engine entirely for a nice clean simple electric motor.

So, cynic that I am, I was not surprised to see Domestic Fuel has an interesting piece about a device that will allow any fuel-injected vehicle to run on ethanol or gasoline without pushing a button or flipping a switch.

The system is very simple for the average user. It’s a simple plug and play device which you attach to your fuel injector connectors and ground to your battery and start using ethanol - anywhere from E100 to regular gasoline. The technology was developed in Brazil where there is a big need for ethanol capable vehicles with all that sugar ethanol they've made since way back.

Fuel Flex International - typical car-guys eyebulger website alert - constructs various options - lucky that you can ask their tech guys about which does what - in the US and retails them from around $300 - $450.

The demand for flex-fuel conversion kits will grow as higher ethanol blends become more available nationwide, because even if car makers start selling only flex-fuel vehicles in the US there will continue to be a large segment of used vehicles for sale that are not flex-fuel capable.

There is also the issue of EPA certification, which currently has only been granted to another company, the curiously named yet unrelated Flex Fuel US but they are working on getting that approval. Our current EPA is not falling over itself to grant such boons as I noted yesterday. Hopefully a new and improved EPA that will give a damn about such matters as gas prices and climate change will result from our electing a more responsible administration.

From Domestic Fuel

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